How Can I Say This


Got an enthusiastic team working on bringing some attention to this little album of mine and here’s some early results!

A fragile, intimate and very elegant Americana album.” – Blues Town Music (NL)

“It’s difficult to combine honesty and grace in any endeavor. Especially in art. Annie Capps achieves this combination with such apparent ease on her solo album How Can I Say This?   that we don’t even see the depth of skill and sweat that brought her here. She will effortlessly break your heart. You’ll be better for it.” – Marilyn Rae Beyer, WMFT (Host of Midnight Special)

Expect a mesmeric mix of country, folk, pop, and introspective balladry. Gripping musings, candlelight romanticism, and tenderhearted tunes, with Annie Capps‘ starry-eyed voice as the most emotive instrument in the spotlight of the overall melancholic sonority. ” – Soulful Sunday