How Can I Say This - Kickstarter Perkss

All the details we couldn’t fit on the Kickstarter page, plus

Here you can read all about the special rewards we offered through the Kickstarter Campaign. The campaign is ended and some are no longer available but we are continuing to offer select items for pre-order through this site. Click the titles to expand the toggle boxes and reveal the goods. 

*Kickstarter only

*Folk Therapy +

Sorry if you’ve arrived here after July 21 as we are no longer offering this particular T-shirt.

Stay tuned for a possible new design down the road.

For those unfamiliar we picked up the moniker “Folk Therapy” when our 2003 album Not So Sure received a really nice review in which the writer used the phrase to describe us. We thought it was appropriate and before long had designed stickers and the very popular Folk Therapy t-shirts that we’re still seeing donned by fans and friends. Here’s a collection in a variety of colors. 

Now don’t get too excited. I wish we could offer this many options but I’m afraid the word “Limited” in Limited Edition also stands for limited color choices. But we’ve freshened the look a bit by changing up the fonts. Some of you may know how much I love fonts.

Below is the current mock-up for the women’s style.

Below is the current mock-up for the unisex version

The t-shirt styles we’ll be offering are BELLA+CANVAS Triblend Women‘s and Unisex options. It’s hard to pick a color that looks good on everyone so we’re leaning toward the Charcoal (not quite black) with an soft pink graphic on women’s and ivory graphic on unisex.

These will be available ONLY through the Kickstarter as part of our $50 and up Rewards. We have no plans to print more after this campaign ends.

Can’t wait to see you in it!


Whole Lotta Capps

Are you new to us? Did you learn about the Annie + Rod Capps music from my Kickstarter perhaps?

We’ll send you every Annie & Rod Capps recording ever made (physical or digital – your choice) “When They Fall” “Searching for Neverland” “My Blue Garden” “In This Town” “One Big Show(digital only)” and “Not So Sure” plus the “Take Me to the Fair” EP (digital only).

It’s a $120 value!

And maybe you already have the CDs but know someone who might enjoy what we do. We love it when people gift our music.

Wouldn’t they look great on your shelf?

*Designed by You OR Me

The Designed by Me part.

I have been a professional graphic designer for over 25 years and though I haven’t kept up my business and chose to take a break from accepting new clients, I would make a huge exception for you.

You can check out my work here:

I’ll work with you to create a custom art piece, designed by Annie i.e. greeting cards, flyer, letterhead, web graphics (includes up to 3 hours of design work), OR pitch me something!

We can negotiate a bigger project for a bit more. I’m only offering a limited number of these so I can get to your project in a relatively timely manner, but the timing will need to be flexible.

The Designed by You part is

Instead of a graphic design job, you also have the option to custom-build your own rewards based on all the previous offerings. Or as with any of the higher-priced rewards, I’m open to your ideas.

*Executive Producer

In addition to absolutely anything and everything we’re offering here (excluding the 500 mile concert), you’ll be listed as an Executive Producer on the album package, website and anywhere we’ve got our credits listed.

Swag Bag

We have curated a really fun collection of “How Can I Say This?” and “Folk Therapy” swag that will be delivered in a fun creative way. 

Items include:

  • “How Can I Say This?” Journal
  • “How Can I Say This?” Pen
  • “Folk Therapy” note cards
  • “Folk Therapy” Pin
  • “Folk Therapy” Sticker
  • Secret “Made in Michigan” Treats

Behind the Songs

For those who like to know more about how the songs were written and evolved and the meaning (to me) behind them, I’ll be holding a special Private Zoom event designed to dissect select (if not all) songs from the album. And when I thought about how to bring this idea to life, I knew I wanted to ask someone to interview me rather than just have me babble on without a moderator to keep me on track and guide the conversation. Honestly, I knew it had to be a woman and it didn’t take me long to think of the perfect person.

Not only a gifted musician (who plays and sings on the album), and outstanding songwriter and teacher, (tastemakes like PASTE, Performing Songwriter and the New York Times have used words like “Stunning” “Superb” “Gorgeous” to describe her music) Anne Heaton also hosts a beautiful podcast called “How The Song Came To Be” where she interviews people much more well-known than me. So yeah, maybe this was a sneaky way to get on her show, but seriously, I just knew she was the right person.

Anne is one of the many songwriting angels who have encouraged and inspired me over the years. I’m a fan and honored to call her my friend.

I honestly can not wait for this. It’ll be scheduled for sometime in the fall but the only way to get a virtual seat is through my Kickstarter. 

Oh and there will be time for Q&A from the audience too. =)

Put it in Writing

Did you know I dabble in lettering arts? I am admittedly erstwhile at it but I’ve been working on some designs that I hope you’ll find worthy of a little extra investment. I’ve been working on a special design for each song and hope to have these printed in a glossy full-color booklet that you can keep with the CD or display on a side-table. =)

and hey, if you would rather a frameable version of one song, I can do that too. Any song from this album or one of our other albums, just say the word. I’m happy to do that for you!!

You + Me

Are you interested in songwriting? Are you already writing but maybe you’re stuck in rut or looking to up your game? I LOVE talking about songwriting and all things music-related. I’d love to share what I’ve learned from my own journey as a songwriter.

How about guitar? I can talk with you about open tunings, maybe some simple ‘licks’ to dress up your playing? 

Maybe you just want to learn how to play one of my songs? Or someone else’s song? I can do that.

Have you always wanted to play the banjo? I can teach you beginning banjo (3 finger pickin’ style).

Seriously, I’ll meet with you to talk about (almost) anything. This would be a 2-hour session with the option to add more if you want. 

Concert for you (500 miles)

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you live within 500 miles (give or take) of Chelsea, we’ll bring our caravan and perform a full concert (i.e. two 50-minute sets) for you and as many of your friends as you’d like. You can even charge them an entrance fee to recoup some of the money you’re spending if you want. This could make a great gift for the music fan in your life! Or a super way to celebrate a special occasion. =)

If scheduling permits, we’ll include one of our outstanding bandmates, Jason Dennie or Ozzie Andrews. We’ll provide a sound system if necessary and this can be redeemed any time within a year so we both have lots of room for planning the perfect day.

We’d LOVE to play for you.